Operation Plumas CARES

Operation Plumas CARES will send shoebox size packages to military soldiers serving abroad. Please join us in this important mission. Volunteers may gather troop donations and prepare packages using the following guidelines:

  • Packages should be 8-9" cubes and weigh less than 5 pounds (delivered more quickly)
  • Use plastic ziplock bags to hold contents (soldiers can use later for carrying supplies)
  • Secure with reusable packing materials such as Kleenex or toilet paper (in short supply)
  • Pack homemade cookies with a slice of bread to keep them fresher
  • Use air-popped popcorn as packing material to keep items from breaking

What to include in your Operation Plumas CARES package:


Babywipes - toothpaste - lotion - deodorant - shampoo - Kleenex

Bodywash - toilet paper - soap - eye drops - tooth brush - Chapstick

Q-tips - sunblock - aspirin - Vaseline -aloe vera - foot powder

Communication Items:

Envelopes - writing paper - ink pens - postage stamps - note pads

Other Supplies:

Books - Candy bars - Energy bars - Lifesavers - Mints - Throat lozenges

Magazines - batteries - Frisbee - Hacky Sack - nuts - eyeglass wipes

Deck of cards - trail mix - cocoa packs - beef jerky - tea - sunflower seeds

Coffee bags - cookies - cereal bars - pop tarts - gum - snack crackers

Nerf balls - crosswords - bandanas - tang mix - socks - handheld games

All items should be travel-size, non-perishable and easy to use. Fruit, yeast, pork products and alcohol-based products are not allowed and will be removed from packages upon inspection into the Middle East. Remember, chocolate melts -any beef jerky or summer sausage products must be labeled USDA beef. All items included in your CARES package must be packed in their original containers.

Packages may include postcards, personal notes, letters of support and photographs. Do not seal boxes as they will be prepared and shipped by MOM'S. Packages may be returned to your school for pick-up; dropped off at Plumas Crisis Intervention & Resource Center at 591 W. Main Street in Quincy; or delivered to 618 Jackson Street also in Quincy. For further information, please contact Cathy Rahmeyer at 283-5644. Cash donations to assist in mailing costs may be deposited at any Plumas Bank branch earmarked for MOM'S. On behalf of all our brave soldiers, MOM'S thanks you for your kindness and support.