Letters to the Desert

During these difficult times, many soldiers are far away in the desert working to protect our country and keep it safe. We can help to support them by writing letters, drawing pictures and telling them we hope they come back home really soon! We hope you can get out your pen and pencils and give us a hand!

MOM'S - Mothers of Military Soldiers

Will take your cards, poems, letters, stories and drawings and mail them to a soldier who needs your support! You can put your name and address if you like, and the name of your school. You can also put in a favorite sticker, bookmark or other small memento as long as it fits in your envelope! When you are done, you can give your finished gift to your teacher or your parents and they will get them to MOM'S for delivery. You can also make additional items and contact us directly at:

MOM'S c/o Cathy Rahmeyer
P. O. Box 3198
618 Jackson Street
Quincy, CA 95971

Our soldiers will be so proud of you and happy that you have shared your specially made gifts with them. If you have questions about what is going on in the world, talk to your parents or someone close to you, and they'll explain it to you.

You can also call MOM'S and we will get a meeting together just for kids and share our thoughts and feelings together.